A Guidebook on Active Directory Security Groups | OSSISTO 365

Ossisto 365 is an Ossisto offering that provides highly specialized IT Risk Assessment Products for Microsoft Server Technologies and an expert approach to licensing and managing Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Ossisto 365 is your trusted Microsoft Gold Certified Partner to streamline your technology management and transformation processes.

Active Directory Security is a Microsoft Windows-enabled Directory Service that plays a vital role in Information Technology. Its services pertain to managing applications, users, data, and many other attributes of an organization’s network.

Every physical and virtual data in the network of your organization is an ‘object’ in Active Directory. This data is primarily used by the Network Administrators to assign privileges to systems and to control object authentications. It is highly vulnerable to security threats, hence it is critical to secure it without any compromise. Securing the Active Directory ideally protects the following data in your organization’s network.

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