Audi Headlight Features

More and more models in the new car market are adding what is known as automatic headlights as a standard feature.


In this guide, we explain exactly what automatic headlights are, how they work, and how valuable they are to have them in your next vehicle.

Audi headlight types, led, xenon, halogen, make-up, matrix,


They will stay off when conditions are clear and during daylight hours, but later in the day or if the vehicle enters a dark place such as a tunnel, the automatic headlights can turn on and off accordingly.


Vehicles with automatic headlights can be turned on and off manually by the driver, if desired, with the vehicle’s controls. But if the driver chooses to have the headlights operate automatically as by default (this setting is usually marked ‘auto’), then they have to be quick and smart enough to get the job done for the driver.


These sensors tend to rely on the ambient light level rather than the visibility perceived by the driver. For this reason, the automatic headlights may decide to come on when the driver thinks they are not necessary. Alternatively, they may not turn on instantly when conditions get dark or otherwise noticeably weaker, so drivers should be prepared to manually turn on their headlights in the event of a delay.


Audi headlights are like any other headlight you would get in front of the car, except that they automatically activate when the car is on and dark, without the need for the driver to press a manual button.

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