Can Service Charges Be Disputed?

Can service charges be disputed?  Yes … and you should do something about it!

can service charges be disputedThe first step in “doing something about it” is reading the lease. You need to clarify, for instance:

  • What should have been done but wasn’t; e.g. gardening or cleaning
  • What was included in service charges but shouldn’t have been; e.g. improvements
  • What should have been sent but wasn’t; e.g. a service charge demand on the first day of the financial year, posted to your address
  • What action should have been taken but wasn’t; e.g. repairing the roof to stop rain leaking into the flat

Most leaseholders know when the Landlord or their Managing Agent hasn’t done a good job. That’s why leaseholders get upset and complain on the Facebook Group. But knowing something’s wrong – and proving something’s wrong – are two different things. So, the starting point is always clarifying which clauses in the lease have not been followed.

The second, third and fourth steps can be found here

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