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Reiterating my gratitude to the HempElf team for their extremely kind donation of samples, I’d like to begin the review.



HempElf is one of my favourite CBD manufacturers, and I’ve reviewed a lot of their products here on The CBD Blog.


Aside from the Purple Cheese phenotype, which I’m reviewing today, I’ve also had the pleasure of trying HempElf’s Original Cheese.



The Purple Cheese phenotype of the CBD flower is yet another very intriguing offering from the HempElf team.



When viewed up close, the flower’s colour has a really unusual purple to “cheesy” skunky green hue.


This is the first time I’ve seen the entire flower with a purple hue to it in this way, despite the fact that I’ve reviewed quite a few different CBD flower strains with lots of purple colours showing through.


Nice, well-cured buds, a more “bushy” flowery strain, in my opinion.


Trichomes are also abundant on the Purple Cheese.

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