Definition of real estate

Definition of real estate

The concept of real estate indicates that everything is stable in its place, that is, it is something that cannot be moved from its place of existence without change or damage, such as: building and land. As for the moveable, it is the opposite so that it can be moved from one place to another without damage or change in it, such as cars and appliances. and others.

The property is considered movable by nature, as it is owned by the owner of the property and this movable property is allocated to serve the property and use it, such as livestock and agricultural machinery, which is owned by the owner of the farm and allocates them to serve this farm and the furniture owned by the hotel owner and allocates it to serve this hotel.

It is worth noting that there are some laws, such as the Jordanian law, that require that the real estate in the allocation be fixed to the real estate, such as: the iron fence surrounding the house or agricultural land, in contrast to the Egyptian law, where it is required that the movable be allocated to serve the real estate and use it only without being fixed in the real estate, Such as: the furniture that the hotel owner puts in the hotel to serve him

The owner of the property is the owner of the movable

In order for a property to be considered real estate by allotment, the owner of the property must be the owner of the movable material who wants to make it real estate by allotment. The economic unit is realized by the fee.

That the owner monitors the movable material to serve his real estate

It is not enough to consider a movable property as real estate by allocating the sufficiency of the previous conditions, but the owner of the property must allocate this movable to serve his property and not to his personal service, as the factory owner who buys a car in order to deliver it to and from the factory, this car is not considered real estate by allocation, but if he buys This vehicle for transporting goods is considered real estate by allocating.

Effects of real estate by customization

If it is considered that a movable property has become a real estate by allotment, this leads to a set of results and effects so that if the ownership of the real estate is transferred by its nature, the real estate by assignment will be attached to it whatever the reason for the transfer of ownership, whether by sale, gift, inheritance, or any other reason for the transfer of ownership.

Among the other effects of considering the movable property as real estate by allotment, is the inability to seize the real estate by allocating individually according to the procedures followed for the seizure of the movable, but it is sequestered by extension when seizing the real estate according to the procedures followed for the seizure of the real estate


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