Everything You Should Be Aware Of About Vector File Formats

You need to be an graphic designer or illustrator If you wish to learn about all vector file formats. These include EPS, PDF, SVG, and Adobe Illustrator. Before you begin making vector file format, think about what other programs you will require to open it. Then, you can choose the most appropriate format for your file once you’ve identified the program that will be able to open it.


SVG is an image format that produces graphics by using an XML text file format. SVG files are easily scaled without compromising quality. They are frequently used to create web graphics and print design. SVG files can also be used with modern browsers.

The process of creating SVGs doesn’t require any coding expertise. It’s easy to create a vector picture using a software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and then export it as an SVG file. However, each program has limitations and a learning curve therefore you might need to play around with a few programs before you find the perfect one that meets your needs.


Vector files are a great option for modern printing and graphic design. But, you might want to be sure that your files are able to be opened by other programs. You need to be aware of which programs are able to open these files. Also, you should know what to do when you wish to save the file in another format.

Vector formats are much more adaptable than raster formats when it comes to rendering and saving images. While raster files contain square-shaped pixels, the vector files are built on mathematical curves and paths.


PDF files are a format that consists of curves and lines. The format is made using programs like Adobe Illustrator. It is smaller than raster pictures. It’s also easier to scale and edit. One drawback is that PDF documents are unable to be shared over the internet.

Unlike raster files, vector files can be edited and resized without compromising the integrity of the image. This means that they are more straightforward to edit and convert. In fact, if you would like to modify your PDF, you can edit it using a vector editing software like LibreOffice Draw.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator allows you to save your design in many formats vector file format. The file types are able to be edited and reopened to edit further. Because Illustrator natively supports vector file formats, it is possible to edit them and then share them with others. Even though the sizes of the files are bigger than those of other formats however, they can be used to make collaborations.

Vector files are portable and features a perfect pixel quality. It can be used in multiple situations and is compatible with a wide range of software. Anyone who has a computer is able to access it and make modifications to it.

Postscript Encapsulated Postscript

Encapsulated PostScript is an image file format which can be used to store images and vectors. It was designed to print to PostScript printers and is regarded as the best graphics format for high resolution printing. Its benefits include the ability to be scaled and resized without losing quality. This makes it an ideal format for initial logo designs as well as other projects that require multiple sizes and versions.

Adobe created the EPS format file format in 1992. It is a combination of bitmap and vector data into an image. It is a standard format for graphics files used by numerous publishers. The EPS file format is able to be played on virtually every computer which includes Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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