How To Pick The Right Kitchen Design in Sydney


Hydrolink Plumbing are absolute EXPERTS at helping you pick your dream kitchen but understanding the pure components of DESIGN & EXCELLENCE,
Firstly you will need to asses your floorplan or floor plan layout, to decide which TYPE of Design you will need before we get to the fun stuff, like
Theme – Colour & Finish or Stone Choice!
Some of the options that we can provide you with sample floor plans for, are listed below.

  • L Shape Kitchens
  • Open Plan Kitchen
  • U Shape Kitchens
  • Galley Kitchens
  • Calacutta Kitchens
  • Counter Bench Type Kitchens
  • Studio Wall Kitchens
  • Retro Semi Kitchens
  • Semi Home Kitchens
  • Kitchens with Walk in Pantry


5 Tips on how to pick the right kitchen design:

  • Understand the shape of your kitchen area
  • Understand and measure the space you have to work with
  • Inspect the style of the home and mark 3 or 4 types of themes you will lover
  • Visit our store for a free consultation and design
  • Think hard about whether your want a statement kitchen or a practical kitchen with storage


At Hydrolink Plumbing Service, we are fully qualified and skilled in all area of kitchen renovation in Sydney. For more than a decade into this profession, we understand all the issues involved in kitchen renovation. Hydrolink Plumbing Service take care of all plumbing aspects involved with your kitchen renovation, such as connecting, disconnecting and moving kitchen plumbing fixture and fittings.

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