How to Structure an Argumentative Essay

The first step to a successful structure of an argumentative essay is to establish your point.

Make sure that you have an opinion on the subject, whether it is agreeing or disagreeing with someone else’s opinion.

Next, set up your thesis statement and develop three points in which to back up this statement. Here are some examples in which you might need these points:

  • Example 1: In 2004, after 8 years of enforcement, the American government stated that Title II was a failure and repealed the act.
  • Example 2: In 2004, the American government repealed Title II. This was a failure because we had no one to lead us into the future.
  • Example 3: The American government did not do a good job of repealing Title II. I strongly disagree with this decision.

Once you have established your thesis, the next step is to back up your thesis statement. Write down three points that support your view, making sure that they are relevant to the subject.

It is important that these points are strongly worded and use facts and statistics.

These points must be well-developed with sentences of at least 5 words apiece. A good way to begin each point is to write as if you are stating a truism or something that is already known. Here are some examples:


  • Example 1: Nowadays, computers and the Internet have such a big impact on our lives so anything less than high speed will be insufficient for many of us.
  • Example 2: This is a harsh reality we must all accept. With the advent of the Internet and computers, we need faster internet in order to be successful.

While it is important to deliver these points in an argumentative essay, it is equally important that you do not take an incorrect point too far. If a point has been developed successfully and cannot be disproven, then it has become a reality and should be accepted.

If a point is unimportant, then it should be ignored. Here are some examples:

  • Example 1: According to the United Nations, poverty has risen tremendously in the last decade. A lot of this has to do with our dependence on war and trade.
  • Example 2: This statement is true but does not have any concrete proof behind it. Most people accept that the UN makes no sense but it does not need to be addressed in your essay.


While developing your points as you structure an argument essay, it is important that you do not take an idea too far. An idea is something that many people believe in and there will be people who will accept this idea and others who will find fault with it.

However, the most important point that you make should be the one that takes everything into consideration but is not too complex. Here are some examples:


  1. Example 1: Many people believe in the phrase “you are what you eat,” which means that we are all products of our environment.
  2. Example 2: This statement is true but only a small part of things. There are many people who do not eat meat because they feel that it is wrong. We should not be writing essays on this subject because there will always be those who disagree with our views.

You should now have three points that summarize your argument, supporting the thesis and giving reasons for your viewpoint. The next step is to make sure that you have only stated facts and nothing to argue against or support, yet again.

Use your points to back up the statement that you made in your thesis. It is important that you do not spend too much time on this because you need to move on to your next step. Here are some examples:

  • Example 1: The Internet should have sufficient speed if we want it to flourish as a society.
  • Example 2: I strongly disagree with repealing Title II because the government’s duty is to its citizens.
  • Example 3: I believe that repealing Title II will do little to help our society. Instead of arguing with the UN, we should consider their ideas.


The next step is to write your conclusion, which should be a summary of your topic. You can also include a proposal for changing the law if you feel that it is necessary.

When you reach this point, it is important that you make sure your main idea is stated in the thesis and everywhere else in your essay. Here are some examples:


-Example 1: In conclusion, it is important that we keep the Internet at a high speed and ensure that everything stays accessible to everyone.


-Example 2: My proposal is that we keep Title II in place, although I do not feel that it works as well as it did before. Most of the issues with the law were not even addressed by repealing the act.


-Example 3: I believe that this decision was faulty because our country’s inability to accept always results in failure.


The last point that you need to make is to avoid clichés wherever possible. Clichés are phrases that are overused in everyday life and do not mean anything anymore.

Phrases like “I disagree” or “I strongly believe” should be avoided and replaced with new, more informative expressions. Here are some examples:


-Example 1: I strongly believe that the Internet should have high speed regardless of what anybody else says.


-Example 2: I disagree with repealing Title II because it is our government’s duty to ensure that we are safe.


-Example 3: I strongly believe that the United States should take the advice of its citizens if it wants to lead us into the future. We can only learn from trial and error.


Make sure that you not only state your main idea but also prove why you feel as you do. This essay is your chance to share your view of the world and make a difference in people’s lives.

The next step is to re-read this essay and make sure that everything you want to say is included in it.

Keep in mind that the structure of an argumentative essay does not need to be long but needs to be relevant. Once you feel that you have covered all the bases, then the only thing left for you to do is submit your final copy and hope for the best!

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