Latest Trends in Website Development for Small Business to Lookout in the Year 2022

In today’s competitive world, websites are perhaps the most important factor that most businesses need to take into consideration. This is because websites are the face of the business and represent a brand which helps in driving sales and revenue in the long run.  Besides, websites also showcase different products and services which are essential to keep your customer engaged as well as attract potential targets. This coupled with rapid mobile and web development has enhanced demand for website development for small businesses.

A lot of small businesses are moving towards developing a website to boost their business. But before understanding the most recent trends, let us understand what an enterprise website is.

What is a website?

Enterprise web development is constantly evolving and thriving with new trends coming every now and then. In simple terms, an enterprise website is a collection of different web pages in one domain that effectively represents your enterprise and business. This website helps you to enhance your brand awareness and in turn gets more traffic for your business. Website development for small businesses is in fact a necessity now owing to increasing complexity of business across the globe. Each department of enterprise has their own unique requirements which are needed to run the business effectively. Without these modern-edge applications, enterprises won’t be able to operate with high efficiency in such a highly competitive market and business landscape.

So, what are the trends in web development for small businesses to lookout in 2022?

1.       WebAssembly (WASM)

One of the recent trends to look out for in the year 2022 is WebAssembly which is here to stay and is expected to change the way in which enterprises operate and conduct their business activities. Due to the technology and language used, the app performance is constantly degraded while creating a web-based application. The user experience is greatly affected by JavaScript. Its limitations cause apps to take longer time to load and operate. As just a result, you will only come across a lot of well-known apps and games that run as native desktop applications. This makes it critical to use WebAssembly as a web development company for small businesses.

Using such platforms will offer exclusive benefits right from better performance to multi-language support, dynamic and robust performance, and compatibility across all the platforms.

2.       Increasing use of Jamstack

The creation of the Jamstack is one of the latest events in web development. It is a combination and made use of three elements which are JavaScript, API, and Markup. The advantage of allowing developers to build websites and focus on presenting layers rather than server backend logic. Due to this, Jamstack is becoming popular and often being used as a website development agency for small businesses.

For many businesses, going serverless means shifting as much work as possible to the client side, which reduces latency and server load and enhances application performance. This will help your enterprise to serve millions of customers through better speed, security, and opportunity to scale your business or enterprise website.

3.       Static site generators

Another trend which is rapidly growing and is being rapidly used among developers is static site generators. They create HTML Pages from different templates or content sources which is a viable option for database driven websites and CMS.

One of the advantages of using Static site generators for web developmentfor small business as opposed to conventional applications which creates dynamic pages is that static site generators precompile a static representation of each page in advance (usually compiled at a regular release interval) which offers better performance as well as easy integration of CDN across your platforms.

Besides, use of such generators helps you to control your applications in a better way with better security control.

4.       Serverless architecture

After static site generators, another trend to lookout for is serverless architecture which is already becoming buzz in the industry. It enables the developers to put more of their attention on the program code and less on provisioning, scaling, and maintenance. Additionally, it ensures that there won’t be any overload, data loss, or project disability which enables users to develop and deploy high-end applications quickly and more efficiently.

Besides being easy on the development side, it offers a range of other advantages for website development for small business: easy integration, affordability, high degree of flexibility, and opportunity to scale your website in future time.

8. Voice search control

Another trend which is gaining traction is voice search control which is being highly considered by developers to enhance the overall experience of their users. Compared to text searches, it provides more rapid and precise results. Applications that use voice search technology can therefore aid in increasing traffic. In addition, use of voice controls for website development for small  businesses will enhance participation as well as interaction which is essential for driving business in the long run.

Besides this, voice search gives better user experience, helps in generating more traffic, besides helping in optimizing SEO strategy. Hence, voice search is perhaps the trend that you need to incorporate to reach and drive more traffic to your enterprise website.


As we all know, following trends is difficult since they are always changing. But if you never attempt something new, how can you ever succeed?

As an enterprise, you can always create and deliver unique experience by applying and adhering to the most recent web development trends. This will also help you to increase your web ranking and expand your business into new areas. Besides, using these trends for website development for small businesses will put your business in the spotlight thereby generating more traffic and driving sales in the long run.

In conclusion, you should pay attention to the upcoming trends in web development. Undoubtedly, many of them will persist in the upcoming years, while others may transform the game or just become standard technology. So, without batting an eye, begin putting them into practice right now which will enhance your business at just the right places.


Remember, businesses who decide to keep up with the latest developments in web application technology, including devoting the time and resources necessary to adjust to a market that is always shifting, will undoubtedly experience advantages that their rivals which can be difficult to match.

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