Objectives of the law

Defining the law and its objectives

The law is a very sensitive matter in the state, as it played an important role in preserving the state and what it contains. It also guarantees equality and achieve justice by balancing the three authorities in the state. The importance of the law is not only that, but there are many goals for which it was established and established. The law, and the following are some points that express the objectives and importance of the existence of the law in the state or in society in general:

It directs society to what is right and acceptable.

It contains standards that are used in the event of conflicts between members of the community.

It is indirectly interacting with social organizations.

Class equality is achieved and the rights of the weaker class are defended.

Standards are set for social change dependent on the change and progress of technology.

Society in general is defended from any aggression or ill intent.

Standards and foundations are established for limited state resources, and their fair distribution

Sections of Law

The law is divided into two main parts, each of which subdivides into many branches that cover all areas of the state and society at the external and internal levels, and they are as follows: 

Public Law

It is the law of the state, i.e. the foundations and rules that the state follows in regulating its external relations with other states, as these rules emerged from treaties and international custom, which were created to regulate the relations of states with each other, and the general law also expresses how the state’s sovereignty is within its borders and the constitutional nature of its relationship with citizens. administratively and criminally.

private law

It is a law that includes all the private relations of members of society, their rights and duties towards each other, with which the state or one of its members has no relationship, that is, it is far from the hands of the state as a state or sovereignty. Between individuals


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