Relocation day

On the relocation day, suggested preparations by relocation company:


Should stay at home to answer porter’s inquiries.

All mark readings (eg gas, electricity and water marks, etc.) should be recorded as far as possible.

They should be guarded and monitored at the former residence until the porters have completed all their work before leaving.

After clearly filling out all the information on the bill, read carefully the contents of the document and order form before signing.

All relevant bills and inventory should be retained until removal and payment of all charges.

Before leaving, you should carefully check the surroundings of the house to see if you have missed something that should be taken away.

To clearly tell the porter the correct direction of the new house, it is recommended to leave a low emergency contact number so that they can communicate with each other during the move.

If you need to use a tunnel, etc. during transportation, it is recommended that you prepare the required expenses in advance.

Should have a good communication with your 搬屋公司.

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