Reset QuickBooks Admin password

QuickBooks is one of the most reliable software used by all types of Businesses for accounting. Owing to important work which the users perform in QuickBooks, they make sure that QuickBooks account is protected by very advanced security features. One of its important features is an admin password which prevents any unauthorized access to the user’s account. The admin password allows the admin to manage who can access the software. But it can happen that a user forgets the admin password, which can seriously hamper your Business. This situation can be really troublesome for the users and keeping this situation in mind, we shared all the important steps in this blog that will help you recover and reset the QuickBooks admin password

Information Required to Reset QuickBooks Password

Before jumping into a situation where you start resetting the QuickBooks admin password, you should make sure that you have all the required account details to verify that it’s you and there is no unauthorized practice in your account. We will share all the required details you will be needing before you start resetting the password. 

  • QuickBooks 15-digit license number.
  • Full name of the authorized contact using QuickBooks account.
  • The email address of the account holder.
  • The registered business contact number.
  • Zip code as registered with QuickBooks

These details should match your account details in the Intuit account so that you do not face any difficulty while resetting the password.

Easy Steps to Reset the QuickBooks Admin Password

Once you have collected all the important details you need for this process, you can start following the below steps to reset the password. 

  • Run the QuickBooks accounting software and in the place of a username, type Admin. You will see an option of ‘Forgot password’ below the space where you are supposed to enter the password. Click on this Forgot Password button and wait for the next step.
    A Challenge Question option appears then you can enter the correct answer which will lead you to prompts for resetting the password.
  • In case you don’t remember the answer to the Challenge question, then you need to select “I forgot my password” and fill in the form ‘Reset QuickBooks Administrator Password.’
  • Be careful while filling in the account details and then click ‘OK’ to move to the next step.
  • Users will receive a reset code on their registered email that is associated with QuickBooks. The email you will receive will have the subject line ‘QuickBooks Automated Password Removal Service’. 
  • You need to enter the reset code in the form which you receive in the email.  Once it is done, then you need to create a new Administrator password.

After resetting the admin password, you should change the security question so as to make resetting of password easier in the future. If you have any problem while completing the steps mentioned above, then you can reach out to our team of experts for technical assistance. Professional experts are available 24 *7 to give their QuickBooks users a step-by-step guide so they can resolve all their accounting software queries.

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