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Add description for your Article from here.Dard Mukti Powder made By JD Swami herbal and co, SICOP Industrial Unit, Kathua, (J&K), INDIA. The UNIT is GMP, ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Dard Mukti Powder made by high  quality management and total quality compliance, Dard Mukti Powder is validated by renowned laboratories of India and also following phytochemical analysis procedure to ensure raw herbs material quality and efficacy.

Swami herbal Ayurveda is an inspiration from the ancestral fathers of Herbal medicines in Northern India. 

Dard Mukti Powder is available in the Indian market by the distributor network.

Dard Mukti Powder is also available for FREE Home delivery all over India by Swami Herbal Ayurveda

Dard Mukti Powder available for free home delivery by Swami Herbal Ayurveda is a GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices) certified product.


Dard Mukti Powder available by Swami Herbal Ayurveda is a trusted and tested product but some major setbacks have arised of duplicity and black marketing in Gujarat, Noida, Faridabad, Varanasi, Kolkata, Assam & Bengal.

Dard Mukti Powder By Swami Herbal Ayurveda has batch number security. The customer can check the status on the website of the manufacturer JD Swami Ayurveda.

Never buy Dard Mukti Powder  from unauthorised people and stores, always check the MFG date to be sure that the stock is fresh in the Local Market.

Swami Herbal Ayurveda provides free Home delivery of Dard Mukti Powder and other best result oriented product range all over India at best prices. 

Swami Herbal Ayurveda has served thousands of people needing Dard Mukti Powder in India especially in 2020-2021 in the first and second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic  when all the services and healthcare institutions were facing problems we delivered Dard Mukti Powder at doorsteps from Kashmir to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Helping people in Pain.

When you buy Dard Mukti Powder from Swami Herbal Ayurveda Mobile Application on Playstore on our website. The customer support team of Swami Herbal Ayurveda assists you in every step from deciding the best product for the patient, how to order, delivery, tracking of the parcel, how to consume and health tips. Helpline 8006867681 of Swami Herbal Ayurveda is renowned and people trust us for their monthly requirement of Dard Mukti Powder and for wholesale.

Delivery is also available in Villages, Armed forces centre and other geographically less connected locations.


Dard Mukti Powder by Swami Herbal ayurveda comes in Plastic sealed pouches containing 4gms of ayurvedic medicine powder in each sachet. If you suffer from Arthritis, back pain, rheumatic disorders, Neck pain or Osteoporosis then thisDard Mukti Powder will be perfect for you. Intake of Dard Mukti Powder (churan) repairs and synthesises joint cartilage, which further improves joint health additionally containing herbal ingredients, this Joint Pain churan Dard Mukti Powder is natural and very much safe to consume. Dard Mukti Powder uses the strongest herbal extracts from around the world. Potent varieties of Yellow dock, Slippery elm, Juniper, Buffaloberry, Poke, Celery seeds,Osha root and Eucalyptus and much more. So, bring home this 100 % pure ayurvedic JD Swami Herbal Ayurveda DARD MUKTI POWDER for a natural solution to your bone and joint problems


Dard Mukti Powder is not shipped by Swami Herbal Ayurveda in abroad countries any person outside India may ask any other individual (resident of India) to send it to him via desired courier services. We don’t serve abroad.


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