types of concrete

Ordinary Concrete

It is obtained by mixing the basic components of cement, water, and aggregate, to obtain normal strength concrete, and the strength of this type ranges between 10-40 MPa, and the initial setting time ranges from 30-90 minutes. Which in turn depends on the properties of the cement, and the weather conditions at the construction site


Reinforcing elements are inserted into this type of concrete to make it bear the tensile strength; One of the characteristics of ordinary concrete is that it is weak in tensile strength, and good in pressure, and the reinforcement steel used in concrete can be in the form of bars, nets, or fibers that have recently been introduced to this area, and it is very necessary to ensure the appropriate interconnection between concrete and support, whatever type of support It is used in it, and it is this bonding that controls the strength and durability factors of concrete.

lightweight concrete

Concrete that weighs less than 1,920 kg/m3 is classified as lightweight concrete. The different types of aggregates used in the manufacture of lightweight concrete are classified into: natural materials such as pumice, scoria, industrial materials, and processing materials, and their most important properties are very low thermal conductivity, They are used to protect steel structures, for thermal insulation, and as building blocks.

high density concrete

The density of this type ranges between 3,000-4,000 kg/m3, and it is prepared by using high-density crushed rock, such as coarse aggregate, and this type is often used in atomic power plants and other similar buildings, because it provides good protection from all types of radiation


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