Types of lamps

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison is considered one of the most important inventors in America and the world, with more than 200 patents in his portfolio. Many experiments and attempts that lasted over months, as the first successful lamp was made in the year 1879 AD, which worked through the use of carbon wires.

Since that time, there have been many improvements that have been added to the lamp, reaching the final form that we are using at the present time, which was developed thanks to General Electric, and the lamp has evolved and varied in its forms and types, and today in this article we will introduce you to the types of lamps available today.

fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps work on the principle of fluorescent discharge, which ionizes the gas in the lamp when an electric current passes through it, using mercury vapor, which turns into ultraviolet rays, which glows white when it comes into contact with the fluorescent substance in the lamp, as fluorescent lamps are divided into Two types are:

Neon lamps: which are characterized by saving energy and not producing heat when lighting, and they work either with a regular or electronic transformer.

Built-in lights: It is powered by an electrical transformer, which makes it glow directly when lit, and it is different from the neon lamp in its small size and spiral shape.

Low pressure and high pressure sodium lamps

Low-pressure mercury lamps are distinguished by their strength and continuous illumination, but the only negative in them is that the colors are not distinguished accurately if they are used, as sodium and argon gas are used for lighting, and the discharge tube is U-shaped, and its full illumination period lasts about a quarter of an hour, As for high-pressure lamps, mercury gas and argon are used for lighting, and the color of the emitted light is golden-red, and sodium lamps are generally used in street lighting, train stations and airports.

high pressure mercury lamp

This type of lamp emits light by agitating the mercury, which in turn will vaporize and come into contact with the phosphorous inside the lamp.

metal halide lamp

This type of lamp is distinguished by the quality of showing colors, unlike sodium lamps, where iodine is used in combination with another metallic element; Such as sodium or cadmium, in addition to indium and thallium. What distinguishes these lamps is their small size, their power, and the high heat they produce, and until the lamp is lit, it takes more than 6 minutes.


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