Use QR Code Menu for Your Restaurants

Contactless menu is not a new thing anymore. Earlier, it was since we were shifting to a post-pandemic generation and menus were used since ages. So we never thought that this time would come where menus will take a digital shift and become contactless menu.


Contactless menu or also known as QR code menu is a digital menu wherein customers can scan the QR code through their devices and they can access the menu of the restaurant in their own devices without using the printed menus.


For customers, contactless menu is just a plus point for safety purpose and accessibility of menus in their phones only. But for restaurant owners, contactless menu is a savior!


Benefits of Contactless menu for restaurant owners:


  • Provide safety to customers and staff
  • Reduce human tasks in taking orders 
  • Erradicate printing costs
  • Customize from time to time due to its digital nature
  • Acknowledge the customer’s preference
  • Add special items and discounts on festive and special days


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