Who is Pinkey Susan Carr? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Incident Detail

A judge in Ohio was fired from the courtroom on Tuesday, October 18, for misconduct that includes frequent lying, issuing false arrest warrants and appearing in court wearing spandex shorts, tank tops and sneakers. Pinkey Judge Susan Carr, 57, was immediately suspended by the Ohio Supreme Court after she agreed to undergo physical and mental health evaluations. More than 100 accusations of misconduct were made against her, the Daily Mail reports. Court members said Carr’s “unprecedented” actions showed a serious “abuse” of power in the final 5-2 ruling. .


Carr received the second most severe punishment a lawyer or judge can receive for violating ethics. The judge’s attorney, Nicholas Froning, made the hard-to-accept claim that the judge’s misconduct as a public official was caused by “mistreated” or “untreated” conditions such as “sleep apnea, menopause, and a generalized mood disorder.” cheer up”. Carr’s misconduct was first exposed while she was conducting court proceedings after the global COVID-19 pandemic forced the courthouse to close. readinfos

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